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^c() Nieuwsbrief Kafkabrigade 2015 Annual Report Infographic Number 1 - April 5th 2016

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Kafkabrigades share a common purpose. That bureaucracy should be shaped to serve the most uncontested and fundamental values of liberal democracy – integrity, transparency, accountability, justice, rationality, proportionality and the protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for each individual. But also that bureaucracy should be effective in creating the public value for which the institution is established. That it should be efficient and effective for each single individual. Because the law is equal for all.

Our purpose is to find those instances where bureaucracy does not create the public intended value, where institutional arrangements are improvident, where effectiveness is not monitored, or where indifference is produced unchecked. When a bureaucracy's demands serve no purpose for the citizen or the public at large, it becomes a form of oppression. When red tape does not yield result, only serves the organisation itself, or can be imposed unconstrained, rule of law can easily turn into arbitrariness. When rules and procedures become incomprehensible, complex beyond the individuals abilities or time-consuming beyond reason, freedom is lost.

Kafkabrigade 2015 Annual Report in a clickable infographic

Kafkabrigade 2015 Annual Report

De Kafkabrigade

De Kafkabrigade is an independent research and intervention team comprising action researchers from Amsterdam (NL) Mexico (MX), Northern Ireland and Wales (UK). Our mission is to tackle the bureaucratic dysfunction and red tape which prevents people from accessing the services they need, and which constrains and frustrates public service staff.


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