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Coming soon: Kafka Brigade International Annual Report

28 Mar

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Kafkabrigades 2015 Annual ReportWe would like to thank all those public professionals and public managers that made it possible for us in 2015 to compat red tape and to fight indifference. Because without intending to do so, we often organize the indifference when we divide tasks over organizations and automated systems. Simply because we cannot see anymore that a citizen has to connect all those organizations and systems. 

The fight against indifference starts with mapping the perspective of the citizen. It starts with shared insight in the responsibilities that organizations have jointly and where the citizen falls between two stools. Because if we don't know how to be effective in an individual case, how will we ever realize grand ideals and policy goals? Effective policy and public value is arrived at citizen by citizen.

In 2016 we hope again to be enabled by all kinds of organizations to map the effects of policy in real life for real people. And to engage organizations with that insight to become more effective and to make the difference. And being effective often saves money. Because efficiency with effectiveness is not efficient at all.

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